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Sunday, August 10, 2014

JIRA Zephyr Introduction

JIRA is a well known Powerful project management tool for creation and maintain project taks.
Zephyer is one of the JIRA Plugins for Test Case Management where one can create,update,execute tests manually.
ZAPI is an interface that provides RESTful services that can be called from your code to create,update and execute tests. Zephyr does not comes default with JIRA license. You need to purchase separate license to get Zephyr installed. Having this you can create your tests manually. To have your test cases get created programatically you need to purchase additional licese for ZAPI in addition to Zephyr.

In my subsequent posts I would be posting topics on

  • JIRA Rest Interface
  • ZAPI Rest Interface
  • Fetching JIRA Projects
  • Fetching JIRA test cycles
  • Creating a Test Case
  • Creating Test Steps
  • Updating Test case
  • Assigning Test Case for Execution
  • Execution of Test Cases
  • Setting Execution statuses  (PASS/FAIL,WIP)

Webdriver Jmeter Integration Approach

There are couple of ways one can Integrate Webdriver scripts with Jmeter

1. Junit Sampler
2.Web driver Sampler

More to come on the above ones

Jmeter Introdcution

I have spend some time on analyzing functional automation using open source automation tools. This time I'm looking curious to explore some open source performance tools like Jmeter.

At the time when I was a fresher , I had some learning on Jmeter on performance testing  of web application and did some analysis on measuring performance for database like Postgre and Oracle.It was just couple of months and never looked back at Jmeter

In this blog i'm putting on the analysis and outcome of my understanding on Integrating Jmeter with Selenium webdriver in the recent times.

The intention of  writing this blog is to provide some context on how the Selenium based tests can be reused to measure some performance parameters if a webpage for a single user/multiple users. It is suggested that it not a good practice to drive your Webdriver-Jmeter tests with multiple sets of Threads as Jmeter spawns multiple threads for simulating multiple user simulation. Multiple threads opens multiple browsers and that kills your system memory. How ever if you have a high end configuration machine , yes you can create multiple threads

If you want more information on Jmeter check this

In my subsequent blogs I discuss the approach

- Integrating Webdriver with Jmeter
- Distribution of Webdriver Jmeter tests
- Invoking Webdriver Jmeter tests from Apache Ant 
- Generation of HTML reports