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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Update Rally Test Cases and TestCase Steps

//Below code allows you to update TestCase name as well as the Test Steps associated with the Test Case

public static void getTestSteps() throws IOException, URISyntaxException,
JSONException {
String rallyURL = "";
RallyRestApi restApi = new RallyRestApi(new URI(rallyURL),
"", "password");

                //Query the Test Case that you want to update
QueryRequest testCaseRequest = new QueryRequest("TestCase");
testCaseRequest.setFetch(new Fetch("TC2033", "Name", "Steps")); //
testCaseRequest.setQueryFilter(new QueryFilter("FormattedID", "=",
QueryResponse testCaseResponse = restApi.query(testCaseRequest);
String testCaseName = "";
JsonArray jArray = testCaseResponse.getResults();
JsonObject testCase = jArray.get(0).getAsJsonObject();
testCaseName = jArray.get(0).getAsJsonObject().get("_refObjectName")
System.out.println("Updating the test case with new Description ");
                      //Get the Test Case Object Refernce
String testCaseObjReference = jArray.get(0).getAsJsonObject()
JsonObject jsonObject = new JsonObject();
jsonObject.addProperty("Name", "Final test New Test Case Name");
                         //Update the test case
UpdateRequest tcUpdateRequest = new UpdateRequest(
testCaseObjReference, jsonObject);
UpdateResponse updateResponse = restApi.update(tcUpdateRequest);
if (updateResponse.wasSuccessful()) {
System.out.println("Test case Name updated successfully");
System.out.println("Now updating the test steps");
} else {
System.out.println("Failed to update Test Case Name");

    QueryRequest testStepRequest = new QueryRequest(
testStepRequest.setFetch(new Fetch("StepIndex", "Input",
JsonArray testCaseSteps = restApi.query(testStepRequest)
for (int j = 0; j < testCaseSteps.size(); j++) {
+ ": "
+ testCaseSteps.get(j).getAsJsonObject().get("Input")
+ ":"
+ testCaseSteps.get(j).getAsJsonObject()
String testStepRefObject = testCaseSteps.get(j)
JsonObject testCaseStepObject = new JsonObject();
testCaseStepObject.addProperty("Input", "NewStepThree");
UpdateRequest updateRequest = new UpdateRequest(
testStepRefObject, testCaseStepObject);
UpdateResponse upResponse = restApi.update(updateRequest);
if (upResponse.wasSuccessful()) {
System.out.println("Successfuly Updated");
} else {
System.out.println("Failed to update");


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