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Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspecting IOS elements and recording tests using Appium on Simulator

1.Download & Install the GUI version of Appium server(check
2.Open the Appium server. You should see some thing like below

3. We would be inspecting the IOS element using this GUI version of appium
4. Check the flag AppPath an provide the path to your .app(you can find the path from Xcode)
Ex: The path I provided here is '/Users/kiran/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/UICatalog-fqsvdhmisheuvqbsuomezsujnqgi/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/'
5.Ensure you pick the .app path which is in 'Debug-iphonesimulator' folder and not 'Debug-iphoneos folder (when you run the UICatalog code on a real device from Xcode, the .app will be created in 'Debug-iphoneos).
6.Now click on 'Launch' button to start the appium server.
7.Click on 'i' button to launch the IOS inspector
8.Check the below video to see how to inspect elements on IOS simulator and record the tests

You can even play back  the tests with in the appium recorder
Check the following video link to have a glance on how to inspect and record

You can run your tests either starting the appium from GUI mode or from terminal mode.
Now lets c how to run the tests when appium is launched from terminal
Stop the GUI mode appium server
open the terminal and type the command appium &. This will launch the appium server on default port 4723

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